The Professor’s Pop Quiz

This month's question:

In stroke play, a player’s tee shot lands in an area of deep rough. He announces and plays a second ball provisionally into the same area of rough. Arriving at the landing area of the two shots, the player is informed by a spotter that a ball, located by the spotter, is the second shot played. After an unsuccessful five-minute search for the original ball, the player plays the ball identified by the spotter as the provisional ball onto the putting green and two-putts. He retrieves the ball from the hole and realizes that it is his original ball. A rules official informs him that he’s played a wrong ball and that he must return to the place from which he played what he thought was his provisional ball and drop another ball. He does so, playing a shot onto the putting green, and two-putts. The player tees off the next hole, at which point a member of the Committee informs him that the Rules official erred in having him play from the place where he thought his provisional ball had come to rest. The player’s score for the hole is:


A) 4

B) 9

C) 11

D) Disqualified


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