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Allied Association of the MGA

POY and Senior POY Guidelines


The Amateur Player of the Year Award and the Amateur Senior Player of the Year Award honor the Long Island region’s male amateurs who compile the best records in selected events each season.  A point ranking system is used whereby players accumulate points based on their performances in designated tournaments. Players wishing to have points from non-LIGA events included in their Player and Senior Player of the Year point totals must inform the LIGA of their finishes in these events by November 1st. It is the player’s responsibility to know which events and which places in those events entitle the player to POY points. The list of such events and places can be viewed by clicking on the words “Player of the Year” at the top of the page, and then on the “LIGA Player of the Year Point Table” document and the “LIGA Senior Player of the Year Point Table” document. 


Please note the following guidelines for tracking points:


  • To be eligible for these awards, a competitor must be a member of an LIGA member club or course and must compete in at least four (4) local events designated as events on the point ranking table during a season, including at least one of the following LIGA events:
  • (for Player of the Year) The Long Island Amateur Championship, The Long Island Mid-Amateur Championship, The Michael Hebron Amateur Championship or The Long Island Open Championship;
  • (for Senior Player of the Year) The Senior Masters Division of the Richardson Invitational Championship, the Long Island Senior Amateur Championship, the Long Island Senior Open Championship  or the Senior Division of the George Sands Invitational Team Championship.
  • In an event where points are awarded for Sectional or Local Qualifying, EXEMPT players will be awarded qualifying points only if they compete in the Championship.
  • In events for which points are awarded for Local or Sectional Qualifying, if non-exempt players, or exempt players who have given up their exemption, play in and earn points for qualifying, they will be awarded those points even if they subsequently withdraw from the championship proper.
  • Players who are members of member clubs in two or more regions of the MGA will only be eligible for this award if their primary affiliation is an LIGA member club. In determining the primary affiliation, the LIGA Executive Committee will give significant weight to the player’s choice of region in Stoddard Trophy competition.
  • To be eligible for Senior Player of the Year points for any event, the player must have reached his 55th birthday by the first day of the competition.
  • In Open Stroke Play events, points awarded for making the On-site Cut, Sectional and Local Qualifying, and for finishing Low Amateur ARE cumulative and would be in addition to any other points awarded.
  • Points for Sectional Qualifying, On-site Cut and “Matches Won” are also cumulative.  However, players who finish 10th or better in amateur stroke play events, or winner, runner-up, semi-finalist or quarter-finalist in match play events, will receive ONLY the points listed for that position.
  • On-Site or final Qualifying Medalist Points are bonus points and will be added to any other points awarded.
  • Players eligible for Senior Player of the Year who earn points in competitions for Player of the Year will also have those points added to their Senior Player of the Year point total.
  • Note:  For the purpose of determining whether a player has competed in the required number of LIGA and area events and for the purpose of awarding points to exempt players, the term “compete” shall mean that a player has completed at least 18 holes (stroke play) or one match (match play) in the event.


The selection of the LIGA’s Player and Senior Player of the Year, and of individuals to represent the LIGA in special competitions, rests solely with the LIGA Executive Committee.  The selection process will include, but not be limited to, Player and Senior Player of the Year points earned during a season and will recognize the temperament, demeanor and attitude expected of an honoree of the LIGA.