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2019 Caddie Academy - Rockaway Hunting

Caddie Corner

For more than 100 years, caddieing has been an integral part of golf in the Metropolitan Area. The Metropolitan Golf Association Foundation believes that it is important for young adults to be a part of such a great tradition. MGA Foundation Caddie Academies are designed to provide the viewer (regardless of golf knowledge) a basic understanding of what caddieing is and how to be successful. Upon completion of this webinar, viewers will be asked to complete a short test before being awarded their certificate of completion. Although not a prerequisite for caddieing, the MGA Foundation's Caddie Academies are an excellent introductory opportunity to learn more about becoming a caddie.

Caddie Academies will be held virtually in 2021. Each online session takes place from 4 - 5 p.m. Registration is required (select your session from the drop down menu on the registration page).  

2021 Caddie Academy Schedule: 

  • Wednesday, April 21st 
  • Wednesday, April 28th 

Register for a 2021 Caddie Academy. 

For more information, contact Kyle Keckeisen at the MGA Foundation.


The Metropolitan Golf Association Foundation supports caddieing through recruitment, education and funding the multiple caddie scholarships throughout the Met Area, with a contribution in excess of $1 million since 1991.  




Caddie Academy FAQs:


Q. What is the Caddie Academy program?

A. Caddie Academies are one-day, after-school programs conducted at participating MGA member clubs. 2021 Caddie Academies will be conducted virtually. 


Q. Who conducts the program?

A. Caddie Academies are conducted by MGA staff members, who are supported by local Caddie Managers.


Q. Who may attend the program?

A. Caddie Academies are open to anybody living in the Met Area.


Q. How do I register for a Caddie Academy?

A. Click here to register. 


Q. Is there a fee to attend the program?

A. Caddie Academies are free of charge.


Q. What time does the Caddie Academy program begin and end?

A. Each Webinar session will take place from 4-5 p.m. on the desigated dates. 


Q. What tools are attendees given in order to find employment?

A. All participants receive certificates of completion, which assist them in obtaining employment at area golf clubs. In addition, everyone is given a roster of Caddie Managers at local clubs and their contact information.


Q. Should I attend more than one Caddie Academy?

A. Each class provides the same material and you only need to attend one session to receive your certificate of completion.

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