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MetLife Success Story: Juliana Friedberg

Juliana is a first year intern at the WMGA. 

We caught up with Juliana to ask her about her experience working as a GOLFWORKS intern:

As a rising junior at Ardsley High School, I feel that working for the WMGA has allowed me to gain experience in a professional setting, which will help prepare me for a career.  Showing up to the office every day knowing that I help contribute to the success of the WMGA is a great experience that this company setting allows me.  One of the biggest ways this program has helped me is with my communication skills.  I do a lot of work with the BlueGolf server that the WMGA uses, mainly by communicating with and helping our users work out problems they’re experiencing while using the server.    

I heard about the GOLFWORKS program from a co-worker at the WMGA, who is actually a friend of mine. She encouraged me to apply and told me it would be a good experience.  I figured it would be good to get some experience in a professional setting and work with golf because it is such a fascinating sport.

I aspire to study within the field of psychology and build a career out of it.  Since communication is such a key part of psychology, interning with the WMGA has allowed me to learn more about the area that I hope to study.