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MetLife Success Story: Renee Neves

Renee Neves is a second year intern at Richter Park Golf Course.  


We caught up with Renee to ask her about her experience working as a GOLFWORKS intern:

I work as the cashier in the pro shop at my club, which entails checking in the golfers, communicating with the starters, managing over the pro shop and its merchandise, answering the phones, and assisting my customers. 

These different responsibilities have really taught me time management and how to effectively work alongside others to make the Ritcher Park run in a more efficient manner.  Ultimately, I believe both of these skills are ones which I feel will benefit me as I get older. 

I would definitely recommend the GOLFWORKS program to a friend! I've not only learned so much through this program but I’ve also had a fun experience while doing it as well.  Everybody who I have worked with has helped make the experience a very enjoyable one.

Over time working as a GOLFWORKS intern, I have learned just how important making personal connections are with others. It's really not about what you know, but who you know; yet at the same time, I've realized communicating and building relationships with a wide variety of diverse individuals is something very special and fun to do.