MGA Club Rep Program


The Metropolitan Golf Association’s Executive Committee created the Club Representative Program in 1995 to foster improved and continuous communication between the Association and its member clubs. We feel that this program is a critical link to ensure that each club can take full advantage of MGA services, programs and resources, as well as making our organization aware of issues and concerns that clubs are facing.

Through this program, club representatives get the unique opportunity to access information from all areas of golf. An active club representative will be an unquestioned asset to your club.

In today’s fast-paced world and changing club society it is more important than ever that clubs be aware of issues that may affect them and the services available through the MGA. Your association is committed to serving clubs in this critical area and our club representative program is a vital link in our ability to provide this service.

To be an effective liaison we believe your club representative should be a board member, or someone who has regular access to the board. To find out more about the MGA Club Rep program, contact Kevin Kline at 914-909-4849.

Kevin Kline
Director of Handicapping and Course Rating
914-347-4653, x. 319