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Glen Oaks hosts 2016 MGA Presidents Council

OLD WESTBURY, N.Y. (October 25, 2016) – The MGA’s annual Presidents Council Fall Conference was held on October 24, as more than 150 leaders from member clubs convened at Glen Oaks Club to learn about trends and issues affecting area clubs. The Presidents Council Fall Conference is part of the MGA Foundation’s series of educational programs, and features presentations from industry leaders.

This year’s presentations began with Lee Noriega, Executive Vice President, Oxford Solutions and Mitchell R. Fenton, CPP, CSO Baltusrol Golf leading a discussion on cybersecurity risks and how clubs can protect their member data. Noriega and Fenton expressed the importance of protecting one’s server as cyberattacks run the risk of leaking member’s personal information along with damaging the club’s reputation.

Bradley N. Cance, General Manager/C.O.O of Bethesda Country Club took to the podium next to speak about the importance of hiring talented individuals in order to improve members’ experiences and satisfaction. Cance pointed to the need of structured interviews with thorough background checks to ensure the club is selecting the right type of people for the organization. He also spoke about the relevance of employee orientation periods.

After a brief break, MGA Vice President Michael Sullivan provided an update on the MGA and the MGA Foundation, including a recap of the season’s championships.  

In closing, Club Managers Association of America CEO Jeffrey D. Morgan addressed the crowd by discussing generationals views on clubs and how this could affect membership numbers. In particular, Morgan spoke about millennials entering the market and how clubs could adapt in order to obtain these new memberships.

For more information about the annual Presidents Council Fall Conference, please call the MGA Member Services Department at 914-347-4653. To find out more about the MGA’s extensive member services, click here.