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Enhanced Solutions for Caddie Programs with ClubUp

June 30, 2020 - ClubUp, the leading software and services company that provides innovative services to golf and country clubs, has increased their offerings to assist clubs with operating a caddie program during this challenging time.

As clubs and courses navigate through changes to operational procedures, ClubUp's platform can assist with scheduling of caddies to ensure that no caddies are congregating on site, remote check in/out and contact tracing. The in-app communication with caddies allows for both in-advance and on-demand scheduling between club staff and caddies and provides access to its contact-free payment system. ClubUp staff work directly with club personnel to ensure a seamless launch process, and the innovative system integrates with all tee sheet providers. The software aims to enhance the member experience with caddie programs. 

In addition to new features, ClubUp's core product offers streamlined communications and experience relevant to employment, insurance, payment and other key regulations. 

ClubUp has been an official partner of the MGA since 2018, and this season the MGA is utilizing ClubUp's technology and employee screening solution at MGA conducted events and at Golf Central headquarters. 

“ClubUp is excited to continue to grow our relationship with the MGA. We have seen recent expansion with our private club business in the northeast and our partnership with the MGA has been a catalyst for that. A number of our private club partners are now using ClubUp contact tracing technology and new customers in industries outside of golf are implementing our solution as well,” said ClubUp Founder Matthew Rose.

ClubUp provides innovative technology to private clubs and businesses both domestically and abroad. The addition of contact tracing and employee screening to the company’s offering gives ClubUp customers a much-needed solution for a post COVID-19 environment and has allowed for growth outside of the golf industry.

For more information on ClubUp, please contact Andy Anderson at ClubUp, / (704) 819-7232.