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Expanded Content: August/Sept 2021

Extra Content from the August/September 2021 issue of The Met Golfer.


The Met Golfer - Signature Holes


Signature Holes: Across the Met Area there are holes that stay with you for their beauty, their strategies, or their challenge. Or all three. Take a visual tour through some of the most memorable holes at MGA member clubs. Take a visual tour of some more of the most notable holes. 


Fall Road Trips: There's more to explore within a short drive from the Met Area for golf and more, including The Sagamore Resort (pictured) at Lake George and Crumpin-Fox in northwestern Mass. Read More


Valentino Dixon Visits Sebonack: Golf artist Valentino Dixon (center, with Sebonack's Michael Pascucci, left, and Golf Digest's Max Adler) made a special visit and presenation to Sebonack in June. Read More


Book Reviews: For your fall reading list: Best Seat in the House by Jack Nicklaus II, Heroes: Stories of Sports, Courage and Class by Ralph Wimbish, Favorite Golf Quotations by Jackie Corley, and How to Match Your Golf Club by Gisle Solhaug. Read More