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Getting Back2Golf in the Met Area

To all Met Area golfers - 

With warmer weather on the horizon and golf courses in the Met Area open for play, all golfers need to remember to do their part and play responsibly. We are fortunate that golf is an outdoor activity that allows for a great physical and mental escape during these challenging times. However, adhering to social distancing guidelines and new protocols on the course remains critical to not only keep our facilities open for play, but to protect the health and well being of all golfers, staff members, and our communities.


All of our member clubs, courses, and allied associations have been working together to provide updated resources and information to provide golfers with the opportunity to get out on the course and play the game we all love. Please be patient with ongoing governmental policies during this ever changing time.

We know that golf is a game that brings us together, and now is our time to do our part and play responsibly. We look forward to seeing you out on the course soon.


Carl Alexander - President, Met PGA
Rob Alonzi - President, Met GCSA
Lori Ann Cerullo - President, WMGA
Mauro Piccininni - President, Metropolitan Chapter, CMAA
Tod Pike - President, MGA