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Teeing it Up with Johanna Gavin, Senior Director, Caddie Scholarship Funds

Image of Johanna Gavin, Senior Director, Caddie Scholarship Funds

Johanna Gavin joined the staff at Golf Central in January of 2018 as the MGA Foundation began providing administrative and operational services to both the Westchester Caddie Scholarship Fund (CSF) and Long Island CSF. As Senior Director, Caddie Scholarship Funds, Gavin guides these services and after several months on the job has a team assembled and is excited about the growth opportunities ahead.

Extra: How were you introduced to golf and what about it captured your interest?
Johanna: I got my first set of clubs for Christmas when I was in kindergarten. My dad took me to the club the same day to test them out! Having a golf course basically in our backyard probably played a part in getting me hooked, as did having my dad and my grandfathers who wanted to spend the weekends with me outside on the fairways. The personal competition is what has kept my interest in the game to this day

E:  How would you describe your role to those who may be unfamiliar?
J: I oversee the Westchester (WGA) Caddie Scholarship Fund and the Long Island Caddie Scholarship Fund. The Caddie Scholarship Funds team is responsible for engaging golfers, friends, and members from these area member clubs who support the programs.  In turn, we award college scholarships to eligible young men and women who work in "service to golf" in the Westchester area and on Long Island.

E: What have you enjoyed most since taking on this new role in January?
J: I have enjoyed meeting the people who make these programs possible: the staff at Golf Central, the friends of the funds, the caddie scholars and the alumni. All have different stories to tell!

E: What excites you about the future of the Long Island and Westchester Caddie Scholarship Funds?
J: Both funds have unique and special histories and traditions. I am excited about preserving and advancing the common threads in these programs, including the tradition of the caddie and the opportunity of an education.

E: What is the most rewarding aspect of working with such organizations?
J: What I have learned off and on the course has honed my sense of respect for the game and its distinguished reputation of philanthropy. While I did not receive a caddie scholarship, I was fortunate to be one of the first recipients of the WMGA Foundation's scholarship, which has played a significant role in my work to educate young men and women on the benefits in the game of golf.  What brings me the most joy is hearing firsthand how these scholarships have positively influenced the futures of the recipients and their families. 

E: For those who may want to support a CSF, in what way could they get involved?
J: Start local at your club or course!  If you are able, walk when you play a round a golf; better yet, take a caddie!  Encourage the young men and women you know to try caddying or to apply for a summer job in one of the areas in "service to golf."  Join the Funds at any one of our events this year: from Century to Piping Rock and Hudson National, your participation or sponsorship directly benefits the caddie scholarship recipients.  If you don't play golf or have the opportunity to join us at events, consider us as your favorite charity!  A little goes a long way and every little bit helps... 

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