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YOC Member Spotlight: Eamon Cormican

As part of the continued mission to grow the game of golf, the MGA Foundation is celebrating the opportunities provided for juniors with a Youth on Course Membership. YOC member Eamon Cormican recently shared his experience as part of the program and what he's learned from the game of golf with the MGAF.

Eamon just recently joined the Youth on Course program, completing his first full year as a member a few months ago. He learned about the program through his dad and immediately decided to join because he wanted to practice as much as possible.

Eamon says his favorite part about Youth on Course “Is the ability to play new golf courses closest to me with surprisingly low cost.” In general, Eamon loves the opportunity to get out in nature and play the sport he loves the most. Another bonus is “meeting a bunch of new people that are fun to talk to while playing golf tournaments.”

Eamon’s favorite golf memory is getting his first birdie on his local driving range simulator. He added that golf has benefited him in a lot of ways and has taught him to stay calm because getting frustrated doesn’t make things easier.

Eamon highly recommends Youth on Course to others because it’s a great way to start a new sport or continue to play a sport you like at an affordable price.

Visit our Youth on Course page to find out more information about the program. If you would like to support Youth on Course in the Met Area, click here. Even a $5 donation can help support a full round of golf for a local YOC member.

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