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2004 Anderson Memorial - Winged Foot

2004 Anderson Memorial
Winged Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, N.Y.
July 8 - 11, 2004

~Final Results~

Mark Love and Jay Cason, Brunwick def. Bill Hadden and Brett Stegmaier, New Haven, 2 & 1
~Semifinal Results~
Love-Cason def. Tomm Yellin and Jack Kiernan, Stanwich, 4 & 2
Hadden-Stegmaier def. Pat Tallent and Ben Brundred, Congressional, 1 up

~Quarterfinals Results~
Love-Cason def. Zach Randol and Tyler Randol, Winged Foot, 2 & 1
Hadden-Stegmaier def. Pascal Grizot and Francois Illouiz, Morfontaine, France, 3 & 2
Yellin-Kierman def. Andrew Svoboda and Jim Graham, Winged Foot, 1 up
Tallent-Brundred def. Dan Jennings and John O'Donnell, Los Angeles CC, Calif., 2 up

~First Round Results~
Love-Cason def. Bart Goodwin and Mike Peck, Hackberry Creek CC, Tx., 5 & 4
Hadden-Stegmaier def. George Zahringer III and Raymond Floyd Jr., Deepdale, 4 & 3
Yellin-Kiernan def. Peter Williams and Mike Lawley, Isleworth CC, Fla., 3 & 2
Tallent-Brundred def. Michael Confort and Tim Schmitt, Cherry Valley Club, 20 holes
Randol-Randol def. James Bryan and Arnold Cutrell, Totteridge GC, PA, 1 up
Grizot-Illouz def. Jamie Slonis and Michael Tash, Tavistock, 3 & 2
Svoboda-Graham def. Greg Rohlf and Frank Queally Jr., Winged Foot, 2 & 1
Jennings-O'Donnell def. Guy Wuollet and Tug Maude, Merion GC, Pa., 3 & 1