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Richardson Invitational - Seawane

Richardson Invitational
Seawane Club, Hewlett Harbor, N.Y.
May 6 - 8, 2004

~Final Results~

Peter Meurer, Spring Lake def. Craig Watson, Centennial, 6 and 5
~Semifinal Results~
Watson def. Tom Yellin, Stanwich, 19 holes
Meurer def. Jon Doppelt, Fresh Meadow, 2 and 1
~Quarterfinals Results~
Watson def. Al Falussy, Bethpage, 4 and 2
Yellin def. Alan Specht, Wheatley Hills, 4 and 3
Meurer def. Jimmy Hazen, St. George's, 1 up
Doppelt def. Steve Sloane, Cherry Valley, 2 up
~First Round Results~
Falussy def. Andrew Svoboda, Winged Foot, 5 and 4
Watson def. Dave Segot, Nassau Players Club, 5 and 4
Yellin def. Ed Gibstein, Engineers, 5 and 4
Specht def. Joe Taylor, Garden City, 4 and 3
Meurer def. Andy Anello, Nassau Players, 2 up
Hazen def. Gary Spector, Seawane, 1 up
Doppelt def. Tore Carlson, Bedford, 3 and 1
Sloane def. Phil Gutterman, Pine Hollow, 1 up
~Senior Division Final~
Gerald Garber, Lake Success def. Bill Dober, Brooklawn CC, 4 and 3