MGA Father & Son Net Tournament History

The rapid expansion of the Father & Son Gross Championship throughout the latter half of the 20th century caused the MGA to create a separate Father & Son Net Championship in 1990. The Net event takes the players’ USGA Handicap Indexes into account, though there is also a prize awarded to the team with the low gross score.   

Like the Father & Son Championship, the Father & Son Net is played in the Pinehurst format to encourage competition between the teammates. While the atmosphere is decidedly more relaxed in Father & Son events, the format means that both teammates have an opportunity to contribute greatly to the success of their teams.

Year Champions Site
2016 Dick & Sean Altschul Green Brook
2015 Ken & Edward Dorian Brynwood
2014 Joe & Louis Farrauto Willow Creek
2013 Tom & Michael Karger White Beeches
2012 Daniel & Daniel Romanello Knollwood
2011 Evan & Michael Speiser Brae Burn
2010 Peter Jr. & Peter Rubeo III Glenwood
2009 Elliott & Eric Young Glen Ridge
2008 Joseph & Joey Byrne Colonial Springs
2007 Gary & David Ferruggia Hampshire
2006 Kevin & Kevin Brady Jr. Colonia
2005 Evan & Michael Speiser Saint Andrew’s
2004 Larry & Lawrence Martinez Essex County
2003 Cameron & John Cassidy Huntington
2002 James & Syl Nugent Aspetuck
2001 Andrew & Andrew Foppiano Jr. Essex Fells
2000 Christian & Thomas Sheridan New Cannaan
1999 Charles & Michael Bryce Battleground
1998 Dennis & Richard Simon Brooklake
1997 Louis & Michael Carducci Ardsley
1996 James & Peter Mataglio Tam O’Shanter
1995 Charles & Charles Mattina Bonnie Briar
1994 Joseph & Vincent D’Auria Burning Tree
1993 Robert E. & Robert H. Wood White Beeches
1992 Thomas R. & Thomas Keenan Indian Hills
1991 Robert & Gary Templeton Tamarack
1990 John & Chris Campbell Knickerbocker