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The Metropolitan Golf Association has always been a national leader in handicapping and developed the forerunner of the handicap system, adopted by the USGA in 1911. In the early 1980's the MGA and USGA jointly developed the GHIN (Golf Handicap & Information Network) service used by 140,000 golfers locally and golfers nationwide today. Handicapping remains the MGA's most visible and widely used service. An official USGA Handicap Index is one of the many benefits of your MGA Membership.
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World Handicap System

Beginning in 2020 a brand-new set of Rules for Handicapping will be introduced globally

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Handicapping Information

Handicaps are a unique feature of the game of golf, allowing golfers with differing abilities to compete equitably against each other.

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Course Rating

MGA Course Rating committee has the responsibility of implementing the USGA Course Rating System throughout the Met Area.

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USGA GHIN Services

Handicaps remain our most visible and widely used service.