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Join the MGA

Golfers can obtain a Handicap Index by joining an MGA member club. The MGA is comprised of clubs throughout the tri-state area, and golfers who join an MGA member private club are automatically members of the MGA. Beyond private clubs, every public and municipal golf course in the area has an organized MGA club that is easy and inexpensive to join. Any member of an MGA member club is entitled to all membership privileges.


Join at a Member Golf Course 


As an alternative to a private club, you can join the MGA through your local public golf facility. The MGA has more than 200 member clubs that play at public golf courses. These clubs are usually inexpensive and are very simple to join; all you need to do is contact the golf staff at the course. For more information, visit your favorite public course or call our membership department for help in finding a course near you.   





Join or Start Your Own Club 


Do you play regularly with a group from your office, your firehouse, your neighborhood or your local golf league? It’s a perfect scenario for becoming a “club without real estate.” Organized groups who are not affiliated with a single golf facility can form their own club and join the MGA. These clubs must meet the MGA and USGA definition of a golf club and grow to a minimum of 30 members. But getting started is easy and the MGA welcomes inquiries about forming a club without real estate.  





Join / Renew Online Now!   


If you don’t play regularly at one course and would like the convenience of joining a club online, click above to join one of our web-based clubs.