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The Met Golfer & Met Golfer EXTRA

The Met Golfer, the official award-winning publication of the Metropolitan Golf Association, debuted in 1983 and continues to position itself as the nation’s top regional golf magazine. 

Published five times a year, The Met Golfer concentrates on local events, news, people, and issues in the Met Area golfing community. The magazine is mailed free of charge to the homes of more than 100,000 avid golfers. 

Regular features include articles on clubs and courses, instruction, the Rules of Golf, and golf travel destinations. NBC Sports commentator Jimmy Roberts is the magazine's longtime back-page columnist, and a host of outstanding writers and photographers contribute their work to every issue. 

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Met Golfer EXTRA is a digital-only publication that debuted in January 2013.Met Golfer Extra March 2024 It serves as a companion property to the award-winning Met Golfer magazine and is distributed monthly via email. 

EXTRA features very brief, highly visual stories of people, places and events surrounding the Met Area. Each issue should come full of surprises and stunning photography. 

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Met Golfer Expanded Content is where you will find expanded features, behind-the-scenes, and more.


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