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Golfworks est. 1994

As a sport, golf teaches young people about honor, tradition and an appreciation for the environment. It exposes them to successful role models and teaches them skills they can utilize their entire lives. As an industry, golf offers many exciting career opportunities in the areas of club management, golf course maintenance and as golf professionals. However, it takes more than the occasional golf clinic for the game to have an impact on young people’s lives. GOLFWORKS was created by the MGA Foundation to address this challenge and structured to achieve these goals:

  • To provide meaningful employment, in a friendly enviornment for underprivileged and minority youth;

  • To develop positive skill sets that will enable broader career options in the future;

  • To provide exposure to positive role models and build self-esteem;

  • To provide regular exposure to the game and a chance to develop some level of skill, as well as a knowledge of the game’s Rules and etiquette;

  • To enable clubs to interact with their communities in a positive way and to enrich and improve the lives of young people who are need-driven;

  • To open up the golf industry to a new generation - one that truly reflects our diverse, multi-cultural society.

GOLFWORKS began in 1994 with just 12 students at 6 clubs and in 2019, thanks to the support of founding partner MetLife, we had more than 300 students at over 70 MGA Member Clubs. The program's success is a critical link to helping the MGAF make the game of golf accessible to everyone. 


"The opportunities afforded to me in college wouldn't have been possible without GOLFWORKS and the people at Deepdale Golf Club." - Connor Campbell, GOLFWORKS intern 2013-2017

“You just really feel the care from the people who work with the GOLFWORKS program. That influenced me to come back after my first year.” - Lauren Pinkard, GOLFWORKS intern 2013-2015

“The best part of the GOLWORKS program is personal relationships you gain. One of the interns I met is now one of my best friends and you just meet lots of great people." - Don Cervantes, GOLFWORKS intern 2009-2011

"Being a GOLFWORKS intern and having that work experience at Deepdale have meant the world to me. The sport has taught me so much about life." - Brendan Campbell, GOLFWORKS intern 2017-2021

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For more information on GOLFWORKS please contact Lou Cutolo, Manager of Programs, MGAF

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