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The MGA125 Campaign

The MGA125 Campaign - Investing in Our Future

In celebration of a 125-year commitment to the Met Area Golf Community, the MGA, through our Foundation, has made a significant new commitment to ensuring the future of golf and all its related services by investing now in its people and its programs. The MGA is about community, it is the essence of our existence from the very beginning.  We strive to be the leading community resource and trusted partner for growing golf and fostering its lifelong values within the Met Area for youth.  With your support, we look ahead to providing more access to the game for all, including students, seniors, and those with special challenges. The MGA125 Campaign is designed to raise the funds necessary to sustain, grow and expand our services for the foreseeable future. We seek support from all golfers, members, clubs, businesses, corporations, foundations, and friends within our community as we invest in the next 125 years.


MGA125 Campaign Brochure


To learn more about how your gift can make an impact and the MGA Foundation's Endowment Fund,

please contact Johanna Gavin (914-909-4861)

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