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The Modern Dream 18 Presented by Rolex

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017 MGA President Michael Sullivan, MGA Executive Director Brian Mahoney, two-time MGA Player of the Year Joe Saladino and Golf Channel's Matt Ginella played 18 holes at different courses in the Modern Dream 18 Presented by Rolex. The foursome started at 5:45 a.m. at Friar's Head in Riverhead, N.Y., and ended the day Liberty National in Jersey City, N.Y., thanks to help of a helipcopter provided by PRVT Private Aviation. The Modern Dream 18 is a selection of the 18 top holes in the Met Area at courses built in the past 35 years, inspired from the MGA's first selection of a Dream 18 golf course 35 years ago. Read more about the Modern Dream 18 Presented by Rolex in The Met Golfer and in our Expanded Content section and view more about the course in a visual presentation



Morning Drive Coverage: Part 1 | Part 2


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Hole 1: #13 at Friar's Head

Hole 2: #18 at Laurel Links

Hole 3: #11 at Sebonack

Hole 4: #18 at Atlantic

Hole 5: #5 at The Bridge

Hole 6: #5 at East Hampton

Hole 8: #16 at Purchase

Hole 9: #16 at Hudson National

Hole 10: #10 at GlenArbor

Hole 11: #13 at Anglebrook

Hole 12: #18 at Ferry Point

Hole 17; #16 at Bayonne

Arriving at Liberty National

Hole 18: #18 at Liberty National

Q&A with the #ModernDream18