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Rules Education

Do you think you know the Rules of Golf?

Does your buddy at the club think s/he knows the Rules but constantly gives incorrect rulings? Do you want to build the Rules knowledge of your junior program or high school/college golf team? The MGA offers a simplified Rules of Golf educational program that teaches golfers of all skill levels the basics of the Rules. By developing and expanding the Rules knowledge of Met Area golfers, the MGA hopes to also increase their enjoyment as well (and hopefully save players a stroke or two!)


The educational offerings will cover basic concepts and common situations that golfers typically encounter during the course of play. Some examples include:

•What To Do If Your Ball Comes to Rest in a Penalty Area

•What To Do If Your Ball Lies in a Bunker

•What To Do If Your Ball Is Interfered With By Something

•What To Do If Your Ball Lies on the Putting Green

•How To  Search For and Identify Your Ball


The Rules Simplified are 45-minute programs, conducted entirely indoors, and can be tailored to meet the needs of any of our MGA Members. To schedule a presentation, please contact Tom Roden.



“Thank you for your presentation with our high school team. Without a doubt, the best we ever experienced regarding rules explanations. The presentation was great, the kids were very attentive and interactive.” –Jeff Santilli, Golf Coach, Greenwich Cardinals

“The MGA recently conducted a rules seminar at Shorehaven Golf Club. The presentation was very professional and extremely comprehensive.  The members in attendance ranged from new golfers to past club champions. The MGA did a great job of interacting with the members and maintained their interest for the duration of the seminar. I received nothing put positive feedback and the MGA Rules Seminar will certainly be an annual event at the club. Thank you to the MGA!” –Mike Laganza, PGA, Head Golf Professional, Shorehaven Golf Club