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Rules of Golf & Interpretations (Full Edition, Player’s Edition, and Interpretations)

Clarifications of the Rules of Golf

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2023 Rules Resources

Top 20 must know rules

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2023 Rules Resource for Golf Professionals, Committees and Officials

Checklist and Overview for Committees

Pace of Play Manual (R&A)

MGA Hard Card

MGA Hard Card (Explained)

USGA Hard Card

Top 10 Rules of Golf for Caddies



2022 Rules Publications

The USGA will offer complimentary copies of both the 2022 Rules of Golf (full edition) and the 2022 Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf (an abbreviated version of the full edition).   As part of this program, Allied Golf Associations like the MGA, golf clubs, and other golf entities can order these two Rules publications at quantity and will be responsible for only the cost of shipping.  Please note that the Rules publications are not for resale. Shipping times can vary based on quantity and location, and you should anticipate a standard lead time of 7-10 business days for shipping.

Note: The MGA does not stock Rules publications. Please contact USGA Publications.

Orders may be placed in two ways: Please note, if you have not done so already, you will need to register to take advantage of complimentary pricing and bulk ordering.

Phone – 1-800-336-4446