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The Professor’s Pop Quiz

This month's question:

In stroke play, Player A's tee shot is struck towards a lateral water hazard. After a 5-minute search, the ball has still not been found. A, his marker and the others in the group agree that there is virtual certainty that the ball is lost in the hazard. As A is about to drop a ball in accordance with Rule 26-1c, a spectator finds a ball outside the hazard, which turns out to be A's original ball. The Committee should instruct A that:


A)  he must continue play with the original ball.

B)  he must drop a ball in accordance with Rule 26-1c and play his third stroke with that ball.

C)  he must return to the tee and play his third stroke.

D)  he may proceed under either of the alternatives described in answers B or C above. (Exception for Rule 27-1)


Answers will be available on the 1st of every month