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GHIN Change Summary

For Golfers:

New Score Types

  • H - Home
  • A - Away
  • P - Penalty
  • C - Competition
  • N - Nine Hole
  • E - Exceptional

Additional Score Entry Options (Mobile, Web, Kiosk) 

Golfers will now have the option to enter hole-by-hole, front-back or total. In addition, golfer can track fairways hit, green in reg, putts.





New MY MGA Mobile

New WHS features include, round statistics; hole statistics (fairways, putts, GIR) additional score entry options. 

Daily Revisions

Under the Rules of Handicapping, a Handicap Index will update the day after a score(s) is posted. All golfers must check for an updated index prior to their round and be aware of course handicap changes. It will be extremely important that scores are submitted immediately after a round so that all handicaps are accurate.

Nine Hole Golfers

A 9-hole golfer today in the GHIN database will be converted to an 18 Handicap Index profile. An 18-hole Handicap Index will be calculated if the golfer has at least six 9-hole scores posted. 

Home Club

To ensure that a player has only one Handicap Index, and to easily identify the golf club or golf association with authority should issues arise, a player should have one Home Club.

Unique Golfer Profiles

All golfers will have the ability to use new enhanced statistics though the web and mobile app. If provided, all golfers must use a unique email address. (Husband and wife may not share the same address). (April launch))



For Clubs:

Club Administrators
All clubs will have a single administrator upon launch. Each club will then be able to self manage and add additional administrators after launch.

Service Removal
When migrating existing club data into the new platform all services will be removed. Existing services will roll up under a single unique club. Clubs will be able to use the new Groups feature to segment the membership roster.

Software Program
New Score Entry Program and club Admin Portal for managing member handicaps.

Junior & Children Golfers
A junior will be any golfer under the age of 19 and must be properly identified by valid birthday. Any golfer under the age of 13 will be required to have a parent or guardian identified for these golfers in accordance with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Club Numbers
All clubs will have a new, unique club number auto generated upon on-boarding.