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There are three main ways to become an MGA member and receive all the benefits that come with it. Below are some frequently asked questions from those interested in MGA membership.

Q: Do I have to join a private club to be an MGA member?

A: No. You can go into the pro shop of virtually any public course within the MGA district and tell them you'd like to get a Handicap Index and become an MGA member. They will help you register for the MGA member club that is affiliated with that golf course. You can also join an MGA eClub, based on your place of residency. There are five different MGA eClubs: Westchester/Connecticut, Hudson Valley, Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey.

Q: What's so important about having a Handicap Index?

A: The USGA handicapping system was developed to allow golfers of varying abilities to play together on equal footing, and having a Handicap Index brands you as a true golfer, not just someone who plays golf. You can track your improvement and compete in tournaments or other more casual outings, many of which ask for a Handicap Index when you register.

Q: Does it cost a lot to be an MGA member?

A: Clubs set their own dues, but at public courses the yearly membership fee is usually under $60 per year. MGA eClubs are $60 per year.

Q: What else do my membership dollars go to support?

A: The MGA directs a portion of membership dues to support the MGA Foundation, which includes The First Tee of Metropolitan New York, the GOLFWORKS student intern program, and several free educational seminars that help the game on all levels.

Q: Besides a Handicap Index, what do I get for my MGA membership?

A: Benefits of MGA membership include the ability to enter and play in MGA Championships and one-day MGA Play Days, a free subscription to The Met Golfer magazine and Met Golfer EXTRA, the MGA e-Revision Newsletter, and access to special deals and offers available only to MGA members. Many MGA members also take advantage of educational opportunities such as Rules workshops.