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Jay Mottola Scholarship Applications Open

ELMSFORD, N.Y. (August 20, 2021) - Applications are now open for the Jay Mottola Scholarship (JMS) for the 2022-23 academic year. The JMS is a significant scholarship, available for four years of undergraduate study. The financial grant will be awarded to an outstanding caddie or young person who works in service to golf in the Met Area. This need-based award is available to exceptional graduating high school seniors from Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester who are eligible under their local Caddie Scholarship Fund's criteria.

Eligible high school seniors and current caddie scholars must apply to their local caddie scholarship fund (WGACSF, LICSF, and NJSGACSF) to be considered for the JMS. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is November 15, 2021. After the deadline, the Jay Mottola Scholarship Committee will review all applicants with the local CSFs. The Committee will identify and invite top candidates to submit an essay, and finalists will then be interviewed in person. 

Former MGA Executive Director Jay Mottola has always been a staunch advocate for youth caddieing, and under his guidance, supporting youth caddie initiatives has been a main focus of the MGA Foundation since its inception. Mottola was first introduced to the game as a young teenager, working as a caddie and on the grounds crew at The Tuxedo Club, near where he grew up in Tuxedo, N.Y.

“The caddie experience is multifaceted,” said Mottola. “It’s a great way for young people to learn the game and grow their passion for it. I think the really terrific part in the Met Area is all the opportunities young people have to get assistance for their college education through caddie scholarships.”

The JMS was created by the MGA Foundation in late 2018 and with the first recipient awarded for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Sam Masters, now a senior at Binghamton, was announced as the inaugural recipient in 2020. Masters spent five seasons caddieing at Bonnie Briar Country Club in Larchmont, N.Y. 

“This scholarship has really allowed me to take advantage of my college experience,” said Masters. “There was a point when I was working off campus 20 hours a week, but with the scholarship I can take advantage of extracurricular activities and gain lots of hands-on experience outside the classroom.” 

Upon graduation in 2022, Masters plans to pursue a career in finance.

“Caddieing ends up being so much more than just a summer job for people,” said Masters. “The skills you learn as a caddie, both selling yourself to members and working hard, will stay with you for your entire life. I can’t believe the impact this scholarship has had on me. It’s allowed me the freedom to grow as a person and professionally. I’m extremely grateful.”

The MGA Foundation and area Caddie Scholarship Funds are thrilled to work together to honor and continue Jay's lasting impact on caddies and the game we all love.

Information for applicants: 
How to apply: Eligible high school seniors and current caddie scholars must apply to their local caddie scholarship fund (Westchester, Long Island, or New Jersey) to be considered for a JMS.
• Applicants from New Jersey, apply through the NJSGA CSF.
• For applicants from Westchester and other surrounding counties, apply through the WGACSF. 
• For applicants from Long Island, apply through the LICSF. 

Deadline: The deadline to apply to the JMS is November 15, 2021.  

Information for supporters; 
Join us now in recognizing Jay Mottola and his many contributions to the game of golf in the Met Area.  Your support of the Jay Mottola Scholarship will make a meaningful impact on the life of a young person in the Long Island, New Jersey, and the Westchester area. With the creation of the JMS, this opportunity marks the first time all three local funds will work together on candidate screening and selection for this new, high-value scholarship award. Once again, as in the past, Jay brings the Met Area community together. 

For more information on the JMS, click here, or contact the MGA Foundation 914-347-2340.

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