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Life At Lake Isle: Sal Conte Loving Time In GOLFWORKS Program

ELMSFORD, N.Y. (February 17, 2023) -- For almost 15 years, Lake Isle Country Club has been a consistent supporter of the MGA Foundation’s GOLFWORKS program. Thanks to the Kevin Chin Golf Academy, which is run out of Lake Isle, interns at the club get real life experience working as instructors during the summer months. This season, Sal Conte completed his first season as a GOLFWORKS intern, after previously attending the summer camps in years past.


“I learned about the program a few years ago when I talked with Kevin Chin,” said Conte. “I was looking to get involved in a golf program and add to my hobby of playing. Plus, I have always had the motivation to help others and work with kids, as that is very rewarding.”

Conte grew up playing baseball but picked up a club and made the switch to golf when he was 8 years old.

“Baseball is similar in a lot of ways to golf, so the transition wasn’t that tough,” said Conte. “I learned golf primarily from my dad because he would go on outings with his friends of coworkers. Once I started pursuing it I went to camps to learn the game more.”

That is eventually how Conte wound up at Lake Isle, participating in Chin’s summer camps. He expressed that part of his excitement surrounding the game stemmed from those camps because he would always learn something new and be able to play golf in a fun way.

“I think games and creating something new is an important part of teaching the game to anyone,” said Conte. “It’s fun to just go out and play, but for younger kids when you just have to practice putting or hitting the ball that can get boring; so, turning everything into a game is one reason I really like the program.”

In addition to helping with summer camps, Conte also helps on the range, picking up and cleaning balls and making sure things are properly stocked at all times. Apart from constantly being around golf, participating in a real-life working environment has had many benefits according to the junior in high school.

“This program is my first step into a working environment and also learning about responsibilities that may come with any job,” said Conte. “I think the biggest thing this job is teaches you how to communicate, which is really important in any job that you take.”

Conte believes that a few years as an instructor and GOLFWORKS intern will benefit him in the future. He already has plans to intern this coming summer and is excited to start again. In the meantime, Sal will focus on his other hobbies, which include pickleball and Mock Trial.

“In school I am a part of the Mock Trial team, where we take on various trials and mock law scenarios,” said Conte. “Pickleball helps me with my golf swing, and I also like to walk in the summer, on and off the golf course, so I can stay in a healthy mindset.”

If one thing about Sal is clear, it’s that working is something he enjoys and if anything, the more challenging a task, the more interested in it he becomes.

“That’s my favorite part about golf,” Conte quipped. “I really like the challenge of it. Golf is filled with emotions and skill. The challenge of it teaches me patience and shows that you really have control over your own game, you just have to keep the right mindset.”

Conte’s mindset is one of determination and hard work, as he always strives for success and to get better in anything he puts his mind to. Right now, that includes Mock Trial, pickleball and of course, golf. However, in the future Conte is not sure what his primary focus will be. Still, as he mentioned before, that doesn’t faze him because golf and his work at Lake Isle are preparing him for that future, regardless of what it holds.

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