Westchester Seniors Win Triangular Team Match for Second Year in a Row

With unseasonably warm temperatures, the light blue wind breakers worn by the Westchester Seniors did not stay on for long in this 53rd renewal of the Triangular Team Matches.  This year, the Tournament was hosted by the Westchester Seniors and for which we are very grateful to Trump National Briarcliff for making its course and facilities available to us. 

The matches involve three men, one representing each of the three competing teams, the Westchester Seniors, the New Jersey Seniors and the Long Island Seniors.  The most points that a player can achieve for their respective team is six.  This is based on a point for the front, a point for the back and a point for the match against each of their two competitors. 

The day was spectacular and so was the play of the Westchester Seniors.  The backdrop was equally special as the trees were dappled in a bright sunshine and were wearing their best and brightest autumnal plumage.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Trump National Briarcliff course, it is very unusual and extremely difficult and narrow at times.  For a course that is located at the top of the hills in Briarcliff Manor, it is remarkable for all of the water that is in play.  On the front nine, water is in play on all but one hole.  On the back, water, including some very treacherous and deep ravines, is in play on five holes.  Of course, one of the great marvels is the par 3 13th hole that has an amazing, albeit somewhat out of place, waterfall as a backdrop.  The waterfall, which is essentially a rock escarpment, is at least 50 to 60 feet in height. 

Now for the best part, Team Captain Mark Rubeo, not only was the moving force in putting together the entire Tournament, but also led WSGA to victory.  His work was complimented by the always gracious and accommodating Kim Braham.  Sitting around the Scoring Table as the results dribbled in, it was obvious that the Match would be a neck and neck race to finish between New Jersey and Westchester.  With the results of every match, but one completed, Westchester and New Jersey were tied at 42 points each.  Westchester needed for the last match to be a 3 to 0 win for Long Island for the Match to end in a tie and for Westchester to keep the Trophy as the defending Champs.  After the passage of what seemed to be a long time, the results came in.  Long Island 3, New Jersey 0.  Thus, Westchester Seniors kept the Trophy for another year.

            The studs for the Westchester Seniors getting 3 or more points were:

            Bob Green                              5 ½

            Chris Kristoff                          5 ½

            Jack Lewin                              4 ½

            Dave Toole                             4 ½

            Ben Kirschenbaum                4

            Peter Friedes                          3 ½

            Herb Rubin                             3 ½

            Peter Helie                             3 ½

            Ken Laub                                3

The Triangular Matches date back to 1927, and the competition takes place at venues that rotate between the three organizations.  Next year the host will be the Long Island Seniors and the Match will be at the always magnificent Nassau Country Club.  The Competition has historically been tight, with the Westchester Seniors winning 22, Long Island 20, and New Jersey 18 times.  Keep in mind that the qualifying for the Team on behalf of WSGA is open to all Members. 

Thanks and hope to see you all next year out on the links.

    By Mike McKenna