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Winged Foot Golf Club Announces Bennett as Executive Chef

Winged Foot Golf Club is pleased to announce Ms. Chrissie Bennett as its Executive Chef. Chrissie began her formal culinary career at Winged Foot Golf Club in 2012. She started as chef garde manger in the summer of 2012 and progressed through the ranks. This past fall, Chrissie took over the culinary operation as the Interim Executive Chef.

Chrissie is the first female to hold the Executive Chef position at Winged Foot Golf Club. She grew up in the Bronx, N.Y. and her family is from Freetown Clarendon, Jamaica.

When offered the position of Executive Chef, Chrissie was effusive in her excitement for this opportunity. “This is a dream come true…I’ve worked so hard to be where I am today,” Chrissie said after being offered the position.

For the past ten years, Chrissie has worked extremely hard to develop her cooking and management skills.

Over the years Chrissie has been featured in Golf Kitchen magazine and has cooked at multiple James Beard House dinners.

Winged Foot's General Manager, Colin Burns, says,“Chrissie Bennett is a truly talented Chef who brings a unique perspective to the culinary operation. Chrissie loves “the Club classics” while also understanding the need for innovation and freshness. Not an easy balance, but I believe Chrissie has the talent and personality to be a very successful Executive Chef."

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