MetLife Success Story: Russell Yanovich

Russell is a first year intern at Mount Kisco Country Club. 

We caught up with Russell to ask him about his experience working as a GOLFWORKS intern:

My role at Mount Kisco Country Club has mostly consisted of picking up golf balls at the short game area and at the range, cleaning golf clubs and just generally taking care of member requests.  One of the biggest things GOLFWORKS has done for me is improve my interpersonal communication skills.  Communication skills are very important in life so I am glad that I am fortunate enough to improve this skill during my time with GOLFWORKS.  One other thing which the GOLFWORKS program taught me was that hard work pays off! 

Golf wasn’t a huge interest of mine before the GOLFWORKS program, I was more interested in snowboarding.  But I have learned so much about golf working at the country club and it seems like a really fun sport.  Becoming a pilot is something which really interests me and is something which I would love to make a career of, I do tons of reading on it.  Overall, the GOLFWORKS experience has been a great one, the program is awesome and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.