2003 Anderson Memorial - Winged Foot

2003 Anderson Memorial
Winged Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, N.Y.
July 10 - 13, 2003

~Final Results~

Andrew Svoboda and Jim Graham, Winged Foot def. Robert Martin III and Philip Huff IV, Genoa Lakes, N.E., 1 up
~Semifinal Results~
Svoboda-Graham def. Greg Killian-Blair Subry, Turf Valley, MD, 4 and 3
Martin III-Huff IV def. Pascal Grizo-Francois Illouz, France, 4 and 3

~Quarterfinals Results~
Martin-Huff def. Steve LeBlanc and Ken Dardis, Rockaway Huntin, 1 up
Grizot-Illouz def. John McClure-Brad Shaw, Los Angeles CC, Calif, 2 up
Killian-Subry def. Patrick Fograty and Andrea Huber, Garden City GC, 2 and 1
Svoboda-Graham def. Zach Randol-Tyler Randol, Winged Foot, 19 holes
~Senior Division Final~
Sam Beechner-Michael Mahoney, Desert Mountain, AZ def. Jim Chapman-Don Slater, Great Southwest, TX, 2 & 1