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GOLFWORKS Spotlight: David & Tim Hodges

By: Jeff Day

PURCHASE, N.Y. (August 15, 2012) – The MGA Foundation’s cornerstone internship program, GOLFWORKS, provides meaningful summer working experiences at Met Area clubs to more than 200 deserving high school students each year. Now in its 18th year, the success of the GOLFWORKS program can be attributed to the willingness of MGA member clubs to hire very deserving teenagers, many of whom have never considered working at a golf club, like brothers Tim and David Hodges of White Plains, N.Y., who are GOLFWORKS interns at Golf Club of Purchase, in Purchase, N.Y.

This fall, Tim, 17, will be a senior at White Plains High School, while David, 18, will be a sophomore at Florida International University, where he is studying International Business. The brothers are both in their second years as GOLFWORKS interns and work in outside services under the supervision of Golf Club of Purchase Director of Golf Carl Alexander. Their responsibilities include setting up the range, cleaning members’ clubs, and maintaining a fleet of golf carts.

“This was a completely new experience for me,” Tim said. “This is my first job, and it’s an awesome job because being at a golf course is a whole lot better than working at a summer camp or flipping burgers.”

David agrees. “I could never imagine working at a golf course until last year,” he said. “Purchase is a really nice place with a lot of really good people. Now in my second year, I’m taking on more responsibilities, and I’m definitely more familiar with the game of golf and all of the members and their preferences, like some like to just practice and hit balls; some play 9 or 18 holes; and some like to walk and others like to ride.”

The Hodges often argue about who the better employee is, but a major responsibility of both of their internships, like in any service industry position, is to keep the customers—or in this case, the members—happy.

“I just like working with people and interacting with the members,” said Tim, who is a captain on the White Plains HS football team. “I like talking to the members and I’ve found out that they are really cool people. What’s nice is that they really care what’s going on in my life, too. Working here has humbled me a lot.”

“Yeah, if you can keep the members happy, you’re going to have a good experience and so are they,” added David. “They’ll treat you nicely, so both parties benefit, which makes going to work enjoyable.”

Thanks to Golf Club of Purchase’s friendly environment provided by both the club’s staff and membership, Tim and David Hodges are having fun being GOLFWORKS interns, while at the same time learning to manage their time and responsibilities.