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MGA/WMGA Mixed Pinehurst Championship History

One of the more intriguing championships on the MGA schedule, the Mixed Pinehurst brings together top female and male players in a two-person team event. The championship was first played in 1964, and in recent decades it has attracted many of the top players in the Met Area. In fact, in 2012 the tournament was expanded to include porfessionals. Its significance is in both the relatively low Handicap Index thresholds for the competitors and the format, which encourages teamwork and demands that the players’ games complement one another.   

Gail Flanagan, the 2006 Women’s Met Open champion and one of the most accomplished female amateur players in Met Area history, has won the Mixed Pinehurst three times with three different playing partners. In 2006, she paired with Raymond Floyd Jr., son of four-time major championship winner Raymond Floyd, to take the title at Tam O’Shanter. 

Year Champions Site
2023 Bobby Moriarty & Christina Parsells Watchung Valley
2022 Megan Grehan/Ryan Coughlin Redding
2021 Caraline Oakley/Michael Oakley Lawrence Yacht
2020   Not played in 2020
2019 James Lee/Kelly Sim Knollwood
2018 Kyle Ritchie/Christine Desch Glen Ridge
2017 Phil Fabrizio/Yoona Kim Saint Andrew's
2016 Kevin McGlynn/Ami Gianchandani Mount Kisco
2015 Dani Mullin/Raymond Weinmann Old Westbury
2014 Michael Karger/Gale Brudner* Forsgate
2013 Pat Wilson/Ellen Oswald Saint Andrew's
2012 Peter Ganley / Lee Ann Lewis Tuxedo
2011 Michael Reardon / Valerie Reardon Forest Hill
2010 Gale Brudner / Michael Karger Knollwood
2009 Jay Rice / Becky Montgelas Round Hill
2008 Kevin McGlynn / Kathleen Maloney Essex Fells
2007 Jay Rice / Becky Montgelas Elmwood
2006 Raymond Floyd Jr. / Gail Flanagan Tam O’Shanter
2005 David Ridberg / Amanda Presto-Ridberg Patterson
2004 Bruce Beiber / Aimee Beiber Green Brook
2003 Ken Malloy / Gail Flannagan Metropolis
2002 Michael Karger / Gale Brudner Minisceongo
2001 John Madigan III / Sheila Torgan Muttontown 
2000 Vic Gerard / Sherry Herman Fairmont
1999 Keith Dardis / Amy Wohltjen Westchester Hills
1998 Keith Lazarchik / Eve Lux White Beeches
1997 Jay Rice / Becky Montgelas Apawamis
1996 Adam Kugler / Helen Bernstein Mill River (L.I.)
1995 Adam Kugler / Helen Bernstein Alpine
1994 Michael Brown / Lisa Griffin Ridgeway
1993 John Lewis Jr. / Gail Flanagan North Shore
1992 Michael Brown / Lisa Griffin Metuchen
1991 Len Braccio / Cathy Ronan Elmwood
1990 Mal Galletta II / Claire Galletta Indian Hills
1989 Peter E. Bisconti / Margaret Platt North Jersey
1988 Michael LoBosco / Jean Bartholomew Tuxedo
1987 John Richart / Helen Aitken Sunningdale
1986 Richard Remsen / Penne Nieporte Woodmere
1985 Ken Springer / Marianne Rock Spring
1984 Ken Springer / Marianne Springer Mountain Ridge
1983 Robert Bossone / Valerie Faulkner North Hempstead
1982 Jon Doppelt / Allison Doppelt Mountain Ridge
1981 Dennis Slezak / Bernice Slezak Tuxedo
1980 Brian Darby / Bernice Cotter Indian Hills
1979 Dennis Slezak / Bernice Stambaugh Tamarack
1978 Ken Springer / Marianne Springer Knickerbocker
1977 Lawrence Israel / Barbara Israel North Shore
1976 Greg Zorila / Jane Schultz Canyon
1975 Manny Doppelt / Harriet Doppelt Alpine
1974 Paul Samanchik / Agnes Guard Plandome
1973 Mike Mattwell / Edith Larkin Sleepy Hollow
1972 Peter Bisconti Jr. / Charlotte DeCozen Upper Montclair
1971 Manny Doppel t/ Harriet Doppelt North Shore
1970 Mike Mattwell / Carol Beinbrink Elmwood
1969 Peter Bisconti Jr. / Charlotte DeCozen Apawamis
1968 Al Orlian / Judy Baris Hackensack
1967 Eli Hochman / Jean Cici Brookville
1966 Tony Macellaro / Martha Pesci Century
1965 Austin Straub / Gwen Pallante Upper Montclair
1964 Kenneth T. Gordon / Mrs. Phillip Cudone Rockville Links
*Won in a playoff