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MGA Senior Amateur Championship History

Senior golf in the Met Area has a long and distinguished history, starting in 1905 with a senior golf competition created by members of the Apawamis Club in Rye, N.Y. That competition led directly to the founding of the U.S. Seniors Golf Association, which today is administered by the MGA at Golf Central.

Roddy McRae with the MGA Senior Amateur trophy with MGA signage

This legacy of senior golf was taken a step further in 1928 with the inaugural MGA Senior Amateur Championship. Over the ensuing years, the MGA Senior Amateur has grown in stature to become one of the most sought-after titles in the Met Area. It is the premier event for senior amateur golfers (aged 55 years and older) and has been contested at many of the best courses in the area.

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The first players to exert some dominance in the Senior Amateur was Samuel J. Graham, who won in 1943 and 1944, and then again in 1946. Three years later, Thomas Robbins won the first of his four Senior Amateur titles, the last coming in 1955 at Rockaway Hunting Club. He and Mike Matwell, who came along in the 1980s, are the only players to win the event four times.

Other prominent champions of the Senior Amateur include three-time winner J. Wolcott Brown (1967-’69), Mal Galetta Sr. (1984), Jerry Courville Sr. (1992) and Richard Siderowf (1996).

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2002 Joe Polizzano Scarsdale  
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2000 Ned Steiner Crestmont  
1999 Bob Housen Brae Burn  
1998 Robert Navesky Wheatley Hills  
1997 Bob Housen Montclair  
1996 Richard Siderowf Arcola  
1995 William Sala Sunningdale  
1994 John French Spring Brook  
1993 Mario Posillico Cherry Valley  
1992 Jerry Courville Sr. Westchester Hills  
1991 Don Edwards Hackensack  
1990 Joe Davis North Shore  
1989 Mike Mattwell Elmwood  
1988 John Farrell Jr. Suburban  
1987 Mike Mattwell Huntington  
1986 Art Thomas Wee Burn  
1985 Michael LoBosco Glen Ridge  
1984 Mal Galletta Sr. Woodcrest  
1983 Mike Mattwell Dellwood  
1982 Joseph A. Donahue Ridgeway  
1981 Mike Mattwell North Hempstead  
1980 Norb Harrer Edgewood  
1979 Tony Macellaro Sunningdale  
1978 John Humm Rockville Links  
1977 John Rogers Old Oaks  
1976 Gerold Lauck Canoe Brook  
1975 John J. Humm North Hempstead  
1974 James F. Tingley Mount Kisco  
1973 Arthur Lefelar Mountain Ridge  
1972 Ed Majka Rockville Links  
1971 Seymour Holub Apawamis  
1970 William Y. Dear Jr. Knickerbocker  
1969 J. Wolcott Brown Glen Oaks  
1968 J. Wolcott Brown Leewood  
1967 J. Wolcott Brown Raritan Valley  
1966 Anthony J. Vileno Garden City CC  
1965 Olin Cerrochi Innis Arden  
1964 Stephen Berrien Knickerbocker  
1963 John N. Ledbetter Jr. Rockville Links  
1962 Jack Mullen Century  
1961 Martin M. Issler Arcola  
1960 Mike Cestone Sunningdale  
1959 Paul A. Dunkel Rockaway Hunting  
1958 Edward M. Smith Upper Montclair  
1957 Jack Dowling Mountain Ridge  
1956 Martin M. Issler Hudson River  
1955 Thomas Robbins Rockaway Hunting  
1954 Carl W. Timpson Ridgewood (N.J.)  
1953 Thomas Robbins Winged Foot  
1952 Vincent Fitzgerald Wheatley Hills  
1951 Jack Brittain Sr. Upper Montclair  
1950 Thomas Robbins Siwanoy  
1949 Thomas Robbins Seawane Harbor  
1948 Ellis Knowles Upper Montclair  
1947 Ellis Knowles Winged Foot  
1946 Samuel J. Graham Seawane Harbor  
1945 Charles McMillen Baltusrol  
1944 Samuel J. Graham Winged Foot  
1943 Samuel J. Graham Garden City GC  
1942 Charles P. Burgess Baltusrol  
1941 August F. Kammer Siwanoy  
1940 Charles H. Jennings Garden City GC  
1939 August F. Kammer Essex County  
1938 Wilfred Garretson Siwanoy  
1937 Bechtel Alcock Garden City GC  
1936 Dwight Rockwell Englewood  
1935 Rex Beach Saint Andrew's  
1934 Morton P. Downs Rockaway Hunting  
1933 Alex P. Gray Montclair  
1932 Enos S. Booth Sleepy Hollow  
1931 T. Henry Clarkson Garden City GC  
1930 Charles Cooke Arcola  
1929 Hugh Halsell Hudson River  
1928 Frank H. Hoyt Garden City GC