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Met Open Championship Presented by Callaway History

The Metropolitan Open is the third oldest Open championship in this country, following the U.S. and Western Opens. It was staged for the first time in 1905, thanks to the generosity of the Fox Hills Golf Club on Staten Island, which played the dual role of host and sponsor. A similar situation prevailed the following year, when Hollywood Golf Club wore both hats. After a year hiatus, the MGA raised its dues in 1908 to finance the event itself.     

Until World War II, the Met Open was considered one of the “major tournaments” on the professional circuit, in part because it offered one of the richest purses. During its glory years, the Met Open attracted virtually every top player and its winner was almost guaranteed a spot on the Ryder Cup team. The first winner, Alex Smith, also proved to be the most frequent, with four victories between 1905 and 1913. His brother, Macdonald Smith, added three more (in 1914, ‘26 and ‘31), with his victory at Scarsdale in 1914 establishing a new world’s record (278) for a 72-hole event.     

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Despite its strong fields and national prominence, the Met Open was a financial burden, causing the MGA to discontinue the event in 1941. The association suspended all formal “open” competitions until 1949, holding only various pro-am tournaments. The lack of success and support for these events led the MGA Executive and Tournament Committees to jointly recommend that the Met Open be reinstated and contested concurrently as a three-day tournament that included a one-day pro-am. The trophy, still awarded today, was donated by former MGA president Walker L. Trammell.     

The Met Open quickly re-established itself as the Met Area’s premier event. Jackie Burke Jr. won the first reinstated Open in 1949 at Metropolis by six shots over Gene Sarazen. The purse and entries have increased steadily, reaching $100,000 in 1997 and attracting nearly 800 of the area’s top pros and amateurs. In 2022, the purse increased from $150,000 to $200,000, making the winner’s share—previously $27,500—now $36,500. This increase elevates the always exciting opportunity for professionals and is thanks to continued support from MGA partners including championship partner Callaway Golf.

Since 1969, a club team pro-am has preceded the Met Open and has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for the Caddie Scholarship Funds of the Long Island, New Jersey and Westchester Golf Associations.  

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2002 Johnson Wagner  Rob Labritz  Winged Foot (West)  
2001 Johnson Wagner (a)  Rick Hartmann  Bethpage (Black)  
2000 Michael Gilmore  Jerry Courville Jr. (a)  Mountain Ridge  
1999 Mark Brown  Charlie Bolling, Matt Cannon  Tuxedo  
1998 Rick Hartmann  Darrel Kestner  The Creek  
1997 Mike Burke Jr.  Rick Hartmann  Plainfield  
1996 Bruce Zabriski  Charlie Bolling, Mike Burke Jr., Chris Dachisen, George Zahringer (a)  Stanwich  
1995 Darrell Kestner  Bruce Zabriski  Atlantic  
1994 Charlie Cowell  Rick Hartmann, Bill King  Ridgewood  
1993 Bruce Zabriski  Larry Rentz  Quaker Ridge  
1992 Mark Mielke  Rick Vershure  Nassau  
1991 Mike Diffley  Jim Albus, Mel Baum  Hollywood  
1990 Larry Rentz  Mel Baum, Tom McGinnis, Rick Hughes, Bruce Zabriski  Westchester  
1989 Bobby Heins  George Zahringer (a)  Bethpage (Black)  
1988 Bobby Heins  Tom Joyce  Baltusrol  
1987 Jim McGovern (a)  David Glenz  Winged Foot  
1986 David Glenz  Tom Joyce  Nassau  
1985 George Zahringer (a) Bruce Douglass  Mountain Ridge  
1984 Jim Albus  Rick Meskell  Old Oaks  
1983 Darrell Kestner  Jeff Foxx, Don Reese  Old Westbury  
1982 Darrell Kestner  Jim Albus  Montclair  
1981 Kelley Moser  David Glenz  Knollwood  
1980 George Bullock  Dick Siderowf (a)  Woodmere  
1979 Bill Britton  George Bullock  Plainfield  
1978 David Glenz  Nick Manolios  Quaker Ridge  
1977 Martin Bohen  Austin Straub  Meadow Brook  
1976 Martin Bohen  Lloyd Monroe, Jimmy Wright  Upper Montclair  
1975 Carlton White  Carl Lohren  Metropolis  
1974 Bob Bruno  Dave Smith  Middle Bay  
1973 Peter Davison  Tom Joyce  Hackensack  
1972 Don Massengale  Ron Letellier  Stanwich  
1971 Ron Letellier  Jimmy Wright  Fresh Meadow  
1970 James Albus  Jimmy Wright  Ridgewood  
1969 Jimmy Wright  Mike Fetchick  Fenway  
1968 Jerry Pittman  Jimmy Wright  Inwood  
1967 Jerry Courville Sr. (a)  Billy Farrell, Ron Letellier, Stan Mosel, Rick Rhoads, Terry Wilcox  Winged Foot  
1966 Tom Nieporte  Stan Mosel  Mountain Ridge  
1965 Jerry Pittman  Jimmy Wright, Wes Ellis  Woodmere  
1964 Jack Patroni  Al Feminelli, Wes Ellis  Briar Hall  
1963 Wes Ellis  Doug Ford  Plainfield  
1962 Miller Barber  Tom Nieporte  Nassau  
1961 Wes Ellis  Claude Harmon  Winged Foot  
1960 Al Mengert  Wes Ellis  Ridgewood  
1959 Jim Turnesa  Shelley Mayfield  Woodmere  
1958 Bob Watson  Claude Harmon  Metropolis  
1957 Wes Ellis  Shelley Mayfield  Plainfield  
1956 Doug Ford  Mike Turnesa  Inwood  
1955 Art Doering  Al Brosch  Fenway  
1954 Otto Greiner  Jay Herbert  The Knoll  
1953 Pete Cooper  Pat Cici  Rockville Links  
1952 Chet Sanok (a)  Jim Turnesa, Dick Mayer  Winged Foot  
1951 Claude Harmon  Pete Cooper  Forest Hill  
1950 George Stuhler  Claude Harmon  Garden City CC  
1949 Jackie Burke Jr.  Gene Sarazen  Metropolis  
1941 – ’48   No Competitions – World War II   
1940 Craig Wood  Ben Hogan  Forest Hill  
1939 Henry Picard  Paul Runyan  Metropolis  
1938 Jimmy Hines  Sam Snead  Fresh Meadow  
1937 Jimmy Hines  Henry Picard  Forest Hill  
1936 Byron Nelson  Craig Wood  Quaker Ridge  
1935 Henry Picard  Sid Brews  Lakeville  
1934 Paul Runyan  Walter Hagen, Wiffy Cox  Echo Lake  
1933 Willie MacFarlane  Paul Runyan  Winged Foot  
1932 Olin Dutra  Walter Kozak  Lido  
1931 Macdonald Smith  Gene Sarazen  Crestmont  
1930 Willie MacFarlane  Johnny Farrell  Fairview  
1929 Bill Mehlhorn  Wiffy Cox  Lido  
1928 Tommy Armour  Johnny Farrell  Shackamaxon  
1927 Johnny Farrell  Bobby Cruickshank  Wykagyl  
1926 Macdonald Smith  Gene Sarazen  Salisbury  
1925 Gene Sarazen  Joe Turnesa  Grassy Sprain  
1924 Mike Brady  Willie MacFarlane  Engineers  
1923 Bob MacDonald  Jim Barnes  Canoe Brook  
1922 Marty O’Loughlin  Johnny Farrell  Lido  
1921 Bob MacDonald  Pat O’Hara  Siwanoy  
1920 Walter Hagen  Jim Barnes  Greenwich  
1919 Walter Hagen  Emmet French  North Shore  
1917 – ’18   No Competitions – World War I   
1916 Walter Hagen  Jim Barnes, Charles Hoffner  Garden City GC  
1915 Gil Nichols  Bob MacDonald  Fox Hills  
1914 Macdonald Smith  Willie MacFarlane  Scarsdale  
1913 Alex Smith  Tom McNamara  Salisbury Links  
1912 Tom McNamara  Gil Nichols  Apawamis  
1911 Gil Nichols  Jack Hobens  Englewood  
1910 Alex Smith  Johnny McDermott  Deal  
1909 Alex Smith  Gil Nichols  Wykagyl  
1908 Jack Hobens  Aleck Campbell  Baltusrol  
1907 No Competition        
1906 George Low  Alex Smith  Hollywood  
1905 Alex Smith  Willie Anderson  Fox Hills